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Are You My Daughter (2015) Full Movie Dvd


In the TV film Are You My Daughter?, Laura Paddington (Brooke Langton) laments in a care group for parents whose youngsters have been stole. After Zoe disappeared 17 years prior, Laura and her significant other Richard separated. In the care group, Laura meets her new beau. And afterward marvelously, Laura discovers Zoe (now named Rebecca) and brings her home. She reintroduces Zoe to Richard who doesn’t see the similarity by any means. “I don’t imagine that is my daughter,” he says. He’s by all account not the only one who trusts Laura is being conned.

Zoe/Rebecca is depicted by Stephanie Bennett. She’s best known for her parts in the Lifetime scripted arrangement UnREAL (Pepper), and in the Lifetime TV film The Unauthorized Full House Story.


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