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The Shallows (2016) Full Movie Online

Year : 2016 Director : Jaume Collet-Serra Running Time : 87 min Genre : , ,
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The Shallows (2016) Full Movie Online


In the shallows, stranded Blake lively on the Australian coast alone on a rock and held there by a shark at Bay.

The shallows, so the little secluded shallows in the Ocean off the Northeast Australian coast, suitable for swimming. The water is here fairly quiet and the landscape almost picturesquely beautiful – so an ideal seaside resort for every nature lover. At least, that thinks a young woman, who decides where a floating trip into the ocean.

But a bit far away from the coast the swimmer enters hazardous because a large great white shark approaches her. You can save while on a rock out of the water, but the animal not again pulls off, but begins to encircle their protective shelter in the water. The saving banks at a glance’s own, the woman now completely on themselves when it comes to escape from the area of the shark.