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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018) Movie Online 1080p

Year : 2018 Director : David Yates Running Time : 134 min Genre : , ,
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In 1927, the Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA) is transferring the powerful dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald from their maximum security prison to London to be tried for his crimes in Europe. Grindelwald escapes during the transfer, aided by his follower and MACUSA employee, Abernathy.

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Three months later in London, Newt Scamander appeals to the Ministry of Magic to restore his international travel rights, which were revoked following his misadventure in New York City. While at the Ministry, Newt runs into Leta Lestrange, an old Hogwarts classmate who is engaged to his brother, Theseus, an auror in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. The Ministry will restore Newt’s travel rights if he assists Theseus in locating the Obscurial Credence Barebone, who has resurfaced in Paris. It is suspected that Credence is Leta’s long-lost brother, Corvus Lestrange, the last of a long line of pure-blood wizards. Grindelwald believes only Credence can kill his equal, Hogwarts Professor Albus Dumbledore. Newt however declines, refusing to choose sides, and the auror Grimmson is dispatched instead. After leaving the Ministry, Newt is secretly summoned by Dumbledore who persuades Newt to locate Credence. Dumbledore is under constant Ministry surveillance for refusing to confront Grindelwald; as youths, they shared a close relationship and vowed never to fight each other.

Newt’s American friends, Queenie Goldstein and Jacob Kowalski, unexpectedly arrive at his house. Most of Jacob’s memories from the New York City incident have been retained, as the MACUSA’s citywide Obliviation order only erased Muggles’ bad memories while his were mostly good. Queenie and Jacob have followed her sister, Tina, to Europe where she is searching for Credence. Newt learns that Tina mistakenly believes he and Leta Lestrange are betrothed. Newt suspects that Queenie has enchanted Jacob into eloping to Europe with her to circumvent MACUSA’s marriage ban between wizards and muggles. After Newt lifts the charm, Jacob and Queenie quarrel about marrying, and an upset Queenie leaves to find Tina. Newt determines Tina is in Paris, and, ignoring the travel ban, he and Jacob follow the sisters.

In Paris, Tina searches for Credence at a wizarding freak show at the Circus Arcanus. Credence and Nagini, a young female circus attraction who transforms into a snake, escape after causing a distraction. While searching for Credence’s birth mother, Credence and Nagini locate the servant who put Credence up for adoption. However, Grimmson, who is secretly working for Grindelwald, arrives and kills her. Meanwhile, Tina meets Yusuf Kama who is also hunting Credence. Newt and Jacob encounter Yusuf and follow him to Tina. Yusuf, Leta’s maternal half-brother, says he made an Unbreakable Vow to kill Credence, whom he believes is his step-brother and the last of the Lestrange family.

Newt and Tina infiltrate the French Ministry of Magic to retrieve documents confirming Credence’s identity. While there, Newt and Tina reconcile after she learns he was never engaged to Leta. Theseus and Leta discover them and join the search, which leads to the Lestrange family tomb in the Père Lachaise cemetery. Leta reveals that Credence cannot be her brother: as a child, she inadvertently caused her infant brother Corvus’ death by switching him with baby Credence while on a New York-bound passenger ship that sank mid-voyage, thereby sparing Credence. Meanwhile, a fabricated trail has lured Credence to the Lestrange tomb where Grindelwald is holding a rally for his followers. Jacob finds Queenie, now seemingly aligned with Grindelwald, in the audience.

During the rally, Grindelwald preaches abolishing laws concealing wizards from muggles, and utilizes future World War II images to justify worldwide wizard supremacy and domination. Led by Theseus, aurors surround the rally, but Grindelwald fends them off while sending his emissaries across Europe to spread his message. Grindelwald casts a circle of blue flame to divide followers from enemies. Credence and Queenie cross over to join him, while Leta sacrifices herself to save Newt, Tina, Jacob, Yusuf, Nagini, and Theseus. As Grindelwald bolts, the remaining heroes unite alongside the immortal alchemist Nicolas Flamel to defeat Grindelwald. Newt realises he must join the fight.

At Hogwarts, Newt gives Dumbledore a vial taken from Grindelwald that contains the blood pact the teen-aged Grindelwald and Dumbledore made together. Newt correctly surmises that the pact magically prevents Dumbledore and Grindelwald from combating each other; Dumbledore believes it may be possible to destroy the pact.

Hidden in Austria at his Nurmengard base, Grindelwald reveals Credence’s true identity as Aurelius Dumbledore, Albus’ long-lost brother and the only person powerful enough to defeat him. Queenie uses her mind-reading ability to advise Grindelwald on controlling Credence. A baby bird that Credence had been caring for is revealed to be a phoenix, a bird associated with the Dumbledore family. Grindelwald provides Credence with his first magic wand.

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