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Year : 2017 Director : Greta Gerwig Running Time : 94 min Genre : ,
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The French philosopher Simone Weil wrote often of attention as a kind of spiritual discipline. “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity,” she wrote in her notebooks, an idea she later would continue to develop, eventually concluding that attention “presupposes faith and love.”

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In a Q&A following a festival screening of her masterful solo directorial debut Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig quoted Weil, and it’s clear from the film that this spirit of faith, love, generosity, and attention animates the whole endeavor. Lady Bird is a coming-of-age film starring the great Saoirse Ronan as Christine — or “Lady Bird,” as she’s re-christened herself — and it’s as funny, smart, and filled with yearning as its heroine. Lady Bird is an act of attention, and thus love, from Gerwig, not just toward her hometown of Sacramento but also toward girlhood, and toward the feeling of always being on the outside of wherever real life is happening.

The movie also confirms what movie lovers have long suspected: Gerwig is by far one of the most talented filmmakers working today, both onscreen and behind the camera, confident and winsome in a way nearly unparalleled by her contemporaries. Lady Bird is the rare movie that manages to be affectionate, entertaining, hilarious, witty, and confident; it’s one of the best films of 2017, and certainly my favorite.

Lady Bird chronicles one girl’s senior year of high school

Lady Bird opens with an epigraph, something Joan Didion told Michiko Kakutani in a 1979 New York Times profile: “Anybody who talks about California hedonism,” Didion said, leaning to look out an airplane window as they flew from Los Angeles to her hometown of Sacramento, “has never spent a Christmas in Sacramento.”

Didion and Gerwig are both from Sacramento, and so is Lady Bird — the name, she says, is her given name, because “it’s given to me, by me.” She starts her senior year at a Catholic girls’ high school in 2002, with pink-dyed hair, a deep love for Dave Matthews Band’s song “Crash Into Me,” and dreams of getting out of Sacramento to go to college in New York City. On her bedroom wall, she’s scrawled a line from Anna Karenina — “Boredom: The Desire for Desires.” She wants, more than anything, to lead a life that’s the opposite of Sacramento. She wants to be extraordinary.

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