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A Man Called Ove Movie Online 1080p

Year : 2015 Director : Hannes Holm Running Time : 116 min Genre : , ,
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59-year-old widower Ove Lindahl lives in a townhouse neighborhood. Ove used to be the chairman of the neighborhood association, until he was replaced by Rune. Rune is now bound to a wheelchair, unable to speak, after suffering a stroke. Nevertheless, Ove is still resentful of Rune and his wife, Anita. Ove is depressed after losing his wife, Sonja, a schoolteacher, who died of cancer six months previously. After working at the same company for 43 years, he is pushed toward retirement. His attempts to hang himself are repeatedly interrupted by Iranian immigrant Parvaneh, her Swedish husband and their two children, who are moving into the house across the street.

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During another suicide attempt, Ove flashes back to his childhood. His mother died when he was a young boy, leaving him alone with his quiet father, a mechanic at the train company. His father was only passionate about engines, and shares his knowledge with Ove. Just after Ove left school with good exam results, his father was hit by a train and killed. In the present, Ove’s life is spared as the rope he used for a noose snaps and he falls to the floor.

Next, Ove attempts suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, by sitting in his running car in a garage. He once again recollects the past, when he began working at the train company. Two men from the local council, whom Ove dubs “The Whiteshirts”, arrive at young Ove’s home and declare it should be demolished. Ove instead fixes the house. His neighbors’ home catches fire one night, and Ove saves two people. Sparks from the fire cause his own home to burn, but The Whiteshirts tell the firemen not to put the fire out. With nowhere to go, Ove sleeps in a train at work; he wakes up to find a young woman, Sonja, sitting across from him. He is smitten with her and returns to the same early train each morning. After three weeks, he finds her again, and they begin dating. She encourages him to return to school, and he earns a degree in engineering.

Back in the present, Ove’s attempt to kill himself is interrupted by Parvaneh banging on the garage door, wanting a lift to the hospital where Patrick has been taken with injuries from a fall. Ove then goes to the train station and plans to jump in front of a train. However, a man on the platform faints and falls onto the tracks. Nobody moves to help him, so Ove jumps down and drags him off the tracks. After saving the man’s life Ove stays on the tracks waiting for the train to run over him, at the last moment he reconsiders and climbs back onto the platform. Parvaneh asks Ove to teach her how to drive, and he eventually agrees. He also takes in a stray cat upon Parvaneh’s insistence. He tells Parvaneh about the early days in their neighborhood, when he and Rune worked together to establish rules and order, with Ove chairman of the neighborhood association board and Rune the deputy chair. They grew apart over the years despite being neighbors, until Rune organized a “coup” and replaced Ove as chairman, along with a running rivalry over cars. Ove takes care of Parvaneh and Patrick’s two daughters, Sepideh and Nasanin, while she practices driving. He also begins to bond with a stray cat he has grudgingly taken in after it was attacked by a neighbour’s dog. He repairs a bike he confiscated from a neighborhood teen, Adrian, and delivers it to the teen at his job at a kebab shop, where he meets Mirsad, another young man. Ove first mocks Mirsad over his eye makeup, and asks him if he is “one of those gays,” but has no problem with that when Mirsad admits that he is.


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