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Year : 2017 Director : James Gray Running Time : 141 min Genre : , ,
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The Lost City of Z is based on a 2009 nonfiction book by David Grann, and if it weren’t established that the majority of what takes place during James Gray’s film adaptation actually happened on record, it’d seem impossible. But it’s all true. In 1905, Percy Fawcett did indeed set out as the leader of a British expedition to uncharted eastern Bolivia, returning with controversial proof that “savages” of the region may have been the direct descendants of an advanced civilization, capable of building an agrarian society in the harshest imaginable conditions. Fawcett became obsessed with proving that there was once a city in the Amazonian wilderness, and in 1925, he and his son Jack disappeared into the jungle. They were never seen again.

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 What happened during those travels of discovery, and what might have become of Percy and Jack, is only a part of Gray’s concern over the film’s sprawling 20-year storyCharlie Hunnam, in his best performance to date, realizes Percy as a generally decent man with the sort of fatal flaw shared by so many men of his time: the need to conquer the allegedly unconquerable. Early on, it’s the hierarchy of early-1900s Britain, as Percy suffers the indignity of attempting to climb the social ladder for yet another night alongside his loyal wife Nina (Sienna Miller). Despite his distinguished military service, Percy remains without medals or commendations, the result of his departed father’s shame. For all of his efforts, it seems as though Percy has reached his glass ceiling, one forcibly upheld by those around him.

Then, a risky (if lucrative) opportunity arises. With political tensions rising in Bolivia over its booming rubber mining business, the British government develops an interest in defining territorial lines. Percy is offered the thankless task of surveying the unmapped lands surrounding the Amazon River, with the promise that his lot in life could improve if he returns successful. Percy accepts the job, hiring Mr. Costin (Robert Pattinson, under a formidable beard) to assist him in the journey, and then bids his family farewell. But as the men quickly discover, the region is unforgiving even to those who inhabit it, let alone outsiders. The diseases are plentiful and life threatening. The predators are unforgiving. And the native tribes, who’ve already seen their share of white men arriving to infringe on sacred ground, are hardly welcoming. Gray illustrates this in a harrowing early sequence that sees the search party’s raft assaulted by a deluge of blow-darts and arrows from the trees, sending them into the piranha-infested waters. But once Percy learns that the city of Zed (as he calls it) may have existed, there’s no obstacle too dangerous to keep him away.

Gray’s screenplay sends Percy and Costin and their haggard crew on more than one expedition, and each comes with its own perils. In the first, they quickly learn about the hazards of their own ignorance, in multiple senses; not only is the territory precariously unknown to them, but as Percy discovers, the violence they inevitably bring as the first wave of potential future colonization is its own assault. In the second, Percy is forced to suffer the whining of an English debutante (Angus Macfadyen) who likes the idea of helping Percy discover a lost civilization until he learns about the realities of the jungle firsthand. In the third, Percy risks his life and the life of his son Jack (Tom Holland as the oldest of three actors in the role) to complete the work he started so many years before. And all the while, Percy is forced to wonder exactly what he’s accomplishing with his presence, and whether he’ll return home to Nina and to a family he knows less and less. Gray frames the film’s story as less of a historical progression than as a dirge through the inevitable: through sickness, through war, through unforeseen brutality.

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