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The Outsider 2018 Movie Online 1080p

Year : 2018 Director : Martin Zandvliet Running Time : 120 min Genre : , ,
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The Outsider 2018 Movie Online 1080pTaking place in 1954 after the American occupation of Japan following the Second World War, Nick Lowell (Jared Leto) is the only non-Japanese inmate in an Osaka prison. Most other inmates are Yakuza criminals, recognizable by their Irezumi tattoos. Nick saves a Yakuza named Kiyoshi (Tadanobu Asano) from being hanged to death, whose Shiromatsu Yakuza clan repays his debt by arranging Nick’s release. He is also offered a job: Anthony Panetti (Rory Cochrane), an American copper tradesman with a deep hatred for the Japanese, has refused to negotiate a deal with the Shiromatsu clan, but has agreed to a deal with a different clan because they sent an American to talk to Panetti. Nick agrees to “cancel out” the other American, but ends up violently beating Panetti on the head with a typewriter just a minute into the conversation instead.

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When the rival Seizu Yakuza clan from Kobe challenges the Shiromatsu clan at their own strip club, Nick attacks their leader, nearly causing a shootout. Kiyoshi takes a liking to Nick, giving him an expensive apartment and a suit. He further entrusts Nick with driving his drunk sister Miyu (Shiori Kutsuna) home after he catches her partying at the Shiromatsu establishment. Nick spends the night with her and becomes more heavily embroiled with the Shiromatsu clan, taking the role of a violent enforcer. He continues his relationship with Miyu and gets an Irezumi tattoo on his back.

The Shiromatsu clan is under pressure from the rivaling clans, largely due to the ageing Shiromatsu patriarch’s refusal to adapt to the rapidly changing post-war economy. Kiyoshi sends Nick to the harbor to handle a black market weapons deal, where he is attacked by four Seizu clan members, killing two. To avoid a war with the Seizu clan and as an apology, Nick and Kiyoshi perform an act of yubitsume. The severed joints are sent to the Seizu clan leader, who accepts. During a Sumo event the Seizu clan leader offers the Shiromatsu patriarch the possibility to retire in peace by assimilating his clan, which the old man refuses. Nick is brought to a Yakuza initiation ritual at an old temple and becomes a full member of the clan.

Later Nick is recognized by Paulie Bowers (Emile Hirsch), an American soldier on leave. Through their conversation it is revealed that Nick was the former Captain of Bowers’ unit, that the United States Military believes Nick had been killed in action, and that Nick might have engaged in war crimes. When Paulie makes an attempt at blackmailing Nick, he lures him back to his apartment and kills him. Nick learns that Miyu has been nearly raped by her former lover Orochi in the meantime, but Miyu stops him from taking revenge by telling him that the she is pregnant. Nick shows up at Kiyoshi’s home and confesses the relationship with his sister. Arguing that Nick is now responsible for keeping Miyu safe, Kiyoshi gives him a Daishō, a pair of Samurai swords. Together they bury Bowers’ body in the woods.

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The Outsider 2018 Movie Online 1080p. 

Some time later, Nick saves the Shiromatsu patriarch from being strangled to death by a tailor. Kiyoshi is killed by two Seizu members during their escape. It becomes clear that many clan members have switched over to the Seizu clan, most importantly Orochi. Nick immediately suggests a clan war, to which the patriarch agrees. After a killing spree the Seizu clan leader offers peace talks at the local harbor, which turn out to be an ambush. The patriarch and many other Shiromatsu clan members die, Nick is wounded by a shot in the leg. Undeterred, Nick travels to the Seizu clan Dōjō with Kiyoshi’s sword and demands an opportunity to kill Orochi. Orochi refuses to fight him, saying that Nick is only a foreigner and could never truly be a Yakuza. When Orochi hands him back the Katana, Nick quickly draws it and cuts Orochi’s throat. The Seizu patriarch intervenes before any further violence occurs, and allows Nick to leave.

In the final scene, Nick returns to an apartment where he has hidden Miyu under the guard of the few remaining Shiromatsu clan members. He embraces her as the remaining members of the clan bow reverently to him.

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